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Name/Info Website Download locally Filesize / Perl (Kevin Fowlks) (go there) (get it) 1.3K
read_cuecat-0.3.tar.gz / Linux (Jonathan Rosebaugh) (go there) (get it) 8K / Perl (Jonathan Rosebaugh) (go there) (get it) 925b / Python (Jonathan Rosebaugh) (go there) (get it) 1.3K
cuecat_decode.html / JavaScript (Daniel Hull) (go there) (get it) 6.3K
foocat-barcode-0.1.3.tgz / Linux (Michael Rothwell) (go there) (get it) 16K
cuecat.tcl / TCL (Michael Jacobson) (unknown) (get it) 6.4K
cuecat-0.2.1.tar.gz / Linux (Pierre-Philippe Coupard) (go there) (get it) 272K / Java (unknown) (go there) (get it) 38K
CCScan_0.02.tar.gz / Java decoder classes (Stephen Wooding) (go there) (get it) 19K
catnip14.exe / Windows (Rich Goldstein) (go there) (get it)77K / Perl for BeOS (Ted Stodgell) (go there) (get it) 19K / Windows/mIRC script (Christopher Curzio) (go there) (get it) 2K
cuecat.c / C (Stephen Satchell) (go there) (get it) 5K
webqcat-20000930.tar.gz / HTML (Micah Dowty) (go there) (get it) 14K

Update - 10/31/00 04:16pm PST

I know, I know.. I haven't updated in a while now. Been very busy at work and even busier at home... :)

It's been well over a month since I received the letter from Digital Convergence's thugs-for-hire, erm, I mean lawyers.. yeah.. and they still haven't told me what I've done that was "improper" as they put it. So, until I'm told EXPLICITLY by either Digital Convergence or their legal counsel, and given proof that my actions are indeed "improper", the site stays. I have no way to know what they believe is "improper" and therefore can't censor the site to make them happy without a multitude of guesswork.. Please, DC/K&K, I'd love to have some correspondence with you as to what I've done that's so wrong in your eyes. You don't go hiring some IP lawfirm and send out threatening letters for no reason.. other than maybe feeling threatened?

Update - 10/08/00 10:43pm PDT

Added a couple more software packages/links, planning on scanning K&K nastygram, and had a good laugh thanks to UserFriendly.

Update - 09/25/00 11:42pm PDT

Got a happy little letter via FedEx from Digital Convergence today. Text available here. I love their scare tactics. Attorneys are nice and careful not to use words like "illegal" in this situation, but use words like "improper". What a joke.

Oh well. Used this as an excuse to update software/links/etc. Been kinda busy the past week or so, and it needed to be done.

Update - 09/17/00 10:08pm PDT

A friend forwarded me a letter he received this evening from DigitalConvergence regarding security issues with their Name/Email address databases. Copy of letter available here.

After digging through my trash for the cd/cover, I found the license agreement for those interested...

Opening this software constitutes acceptance of our License terms contained herein. Copies can also be found at Hard copies can be mailed to you by contacing Digital Convergence.:Com in writing at this address:
Attn: Licensee department, 9101 North Central Expressway, Suite 600, Dallas, Texas, 75231

This, however, was not readable without opening the whole pacakge first, which had no such warnings or agreements. In this case, "opening" the software would likely be interpreted as pulling the CD out of the sleeve. Mine's still in it. :-)

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CueCat, :C.R.Q, :Cue:Cat, and the like are all copyrights of Digital Convergence or DigitalConvergence.:Com. Stupid use of punctuation by stupid companies is probably patented by these fine folks as well.. better not infringe on that.